5 Reasons Why Brands Need Integrated Social Media Marketing


Have you boarded the social media bandwagon?

Have you boarded the social media bandwagon?

Integrated marketing communication strategy is undoubtedly a concept increasingly adopted by CMOs and CEOs in their overall marketing strategies. And this makes complete sense given rapid digitalisation and proliferation of digital media in the lives of consumers in various forms. After all, the target customers today are present and can be accessed and reached via numerous platforms. So when the question comes down to social media, Is it enough for brands or companies to be presented on just one or two social media platform? The answer is a blunt NO!

Social media dashboard

Social media landscape

Here is why brands need integrated social media marketing:

1. Follow your customers

Customers aren’t restricted to just Facebook (or twitter or whichever social media website comes to your mind first) so why should brands be? Consumers have rapidly started using multiple social media platforms and are active on these platforms. Obviously, different consumers may have different degree of affinity to a particular social media websites (like Twitter for me) but still consumers don’t want to stay disconnected from any of the social media platforms. So are we seeing you on Google+ or Instagram soon enough? 😉 p.s. Life isn’t just about Facebook and Twitter. 2. Every social media website is different

Different social media websites have different qualities which essentially sets them apart. For a brand it is totally justified to use different social media platforms while capitalizing the uniqueness of each of these social media websites. For example, social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram are especially suitable for brands which requires more of a visual communication but nevertheless, such brands can use micro blogging sites like Twitter to encourage conversation among its customers and direct its customers to their Instagram and Pinterest pages. So don’t shy away from your not-so-favorite social media websites and do something crazy an innovative like IKEA.

3. Increase the brand visibility

This directly relates to the first point. The more customers you reach, greater will be your brand visibility. By being present on multiple social media platforms, a brand has greater possibility of getting exposed to larger number of customers and consequently gaining greater brand visibility. Consequently, greater brand visibility will lead to greater brand awareness for brands. Mission accomplished, boom!!

4. Social media campaign effectiveness

Social media marketing campaigns have greater effectiveness if it is carried out on multiple platforms simultaneously instead of just one campaign dedicated to one social media website say a Facebook campaign or a twitter campaign. I strongly believe that, if executed effectively, a social media marketing campaign spread across multiple platforms can be more effective than just Facebook or Twitter campaigns. Think of the outcome when the campaign is spread across multiple platforms. Exciting, right?

5. Your presence matters, everywhere!

images (1)

Engaging with customers on social media is a gradual process and it takes time for a brand to establish itself on any social media website. It takes time to gain followers and engage with customers and clients. With rapidly changing times, you never know when a social media platform gain huge popularity and you just miss the train due to your absence or irregularity on that particular social media platform. For example, Twitter has transformed into a ground for breaking news on FIFA world cup 2014 and attracted millions of tweets on each match day. As mentioned in my previous blog (Believe it or not Twitter is faster than rocket), who imagined that twitter would be this fast and break news live. So be present and active on THAT new social media platform before it undergoes THAT huge phenomenon.

Just a last piece of advice after all that Social Media Gyan: Talk less, listen more! Speak less, speak wise, always!  


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