Building brands: From tangible to intangible


Building Brands- From Tangible to Intangible

Undoubtedly, this was the most used word in the past one year at the uni. No class, no discussion, no lecture was complete without the mention of this word in some context or the other, neither could one expect to remain aloof of this word while studying marketing. So what did I learn about brands in this past one year?

One of the most unique things that I have been intrigued about brands is their intangibility. For starters, intangibility may not even sound synonymous with brand, as a brand is often restricted to its name, logo, symbol or a jingle, the tangible features. But is that all about brands? Are these features enough to make a consumer remember, recognize and differentiate a brand from others? Continue reading


5 Reasons Why Brands Need Integrated Social Media Marketing


Have you boarded the social media bandwagon?

Have you boarded the social media bandwagon?

Integrated marketing communication strategy is undoubtedly a concept increasingly adopted by CMOs and CEOs in their overall marketing strategies. And this makes complete sense given rapid digitalisation and proliferation of digital media in the lives of consumers in various forms. After all, the target customers today are present and can be accessed and reached via numerous platforms. So when the question comes down to social media, Is it enough for brands or companies to be presented on just one or two social media platform? The answer is a blunt NO!

Social media dashboard

Social media landscape

Here is why brands need integrated social media marketing:

1. Follow your customers

Customers aren’t restricted to just Facebook (or twitter or whichever social media website comes to your mind first) so why should brands be? Consumers have rapidly started using multiple social media platforms and are active on these platforms. Obviously, different consumers may have different degree of affinity to a particular social media websites (like Twitter for me) but still consumers don’t want to stay disconnected from any of the social media platforms. So are we seeing you on Google+ or Instagram soon enough? 😉 p.s. Life isn’t just about Facebook and Twitter. Continue reading

Believe it or not, Twitter is faster than a rocket!

rocket Recently, I have been coming across an uncertain phenomenon on twitter. Twitter is acting as a perfect ground for breaking the news from around the world. Be it news related to politics, sports, entertainment or technology, twitter acts as the breaking ground for disseminating information within seconds. The most recent incident I came across was the story of yet another Malaysian Airline flight MH192 flying in pretty unusual and surprising flight path. Someone or other was tweeting about even the slightest change in the flight path which apparently is visible live on one of the websites. Interesting much! This twitter phenomenon has often put me into deep thoughts about the future of these social media websites. Will it soon replace news channels and make newspaper and news channels obsolete in the lives of people? My this thought has further been strengthened when I came across few articles regarding Facebook’s plan to be a newspaper. Well, this has reference to its the ‘only-exists-in-US-app’ Paper but still the speed with which news appear on social media is surprising. No wonder why you would not find any newspaper or news channel not active on social media and lately not picking up stories from twitter or Facebook.

All this may not be much of a problem for people around the world (in fact, it is a boon for everyone 😀 ) but it can possess many problem to many businesses around the world. This particular phenomenon has a peculiar feature as well. Continue reading

Talk less, listen more! Speak less, speak wise!


With rapidly increasing online space, consumers are finding new venues to share their thoughts, feelings, views about products, services, experiences, etc. This trend has made the task of managing their brands extensively difficult for companies. What is generated in these social spaces or forums is referred as user generated content (UGC). UGC is the next big thing that businesses across industries are paying special attention on as a part of their customer-focused-approach. UGC is usually of two types: Continue reading

Where it all started?

Sitting on my desk at 3:30 at night and going through my regular marketing course material, I was tempted to write a blog on everything I learn, experience and think about marketing everyday. Well, isn’t that marketing marketing itself to make a consumer (here, me) take an action? Hah!

The sheer power of marketing doesn’t fail to amaze me every single time. Keep reading this space for more interesting stuff on marketing. BTW I am Neeraj and currently pursuing International Marketing from University of Strathclyde, Glasgow. International indeed? 🙂